For repair questions, telephone is the preferred method of contacting us (401-223-2112). If you're calling about instrument repairs, ask for Domenick, for amplifier or electronic repair, ask for Dave.

As a last resort, you can email us, but you'll always get a quicker response by calling the shop. For instrument repairs, use and for amplifiers or electronics, use


DAVE'S ELECTRONIC SERVICES (Now including SMT repair!)

We repair, maintain, and modify amplifiers, pedals, vintage synthesizers, rack gear and other electronics. We will not work on everything, and do not work for free, but we stand behind our work.


General Repairs                                                                                        $40/ hour (half hour minimum)
Most repairs will run between $50-80, it all depends on the amp in question and the nature of the problem(s).
Retube & Rebias                                                                                       $40-60 (depending on amp)
(Plus cost of matched output tubes)

Fender SF to BF conversion                                                                    $60
Mainly addresses bias circuit, but can pertain to other parts of a circuit if necessary. Often performed as part of a recap & retube.

Speaker upgrade/ replacement                                                               $30-50
Plus speakers, cable, & jacks when applicable. We LOVE Eminence speakers- they're excellently made in the USA, sound amazing, and cost less than most other replacement speakers.

The “Cap Job”                                                                                            $80-$150
Plus cost of capacitors, resistors, diodes, trimpots, etc. Standard tube amp maintenance, usually necessary if your amp is over 20 years old. Any worn out or potentially unreliable parts will be replaced as preventative maintenance, so you won't have any embarrassing situations in the middle of a gig.


Small repairs                                                                                              $30-50
“Mods”                                                                                                         $60
Plus cost of components. Generally speaking, most mass produced (Boss, Ibanez, MXR) pedals can be improved upon. Talk to Dave for an overview of possibilities. Particularly mod-worthy pedals include the Boss Blues Driver and DS-1, the ever-present tubescreamer, and the MXR distortion plus.

Pro Audio/ Recording

Oktava mic mods (MK-219, MK-319, MK-012)                                     $80
Plus cost of components. Includes grill modification, body resonance damping, and electronics upgrades.

Shanghai condensers (MXL, Nady, etc.)                                                $50
Plus cost of components. Grill modification, capacitor upgrades.

“Put a tube in it”                                                                                          $300
We take your condenser mic and replace the solid state circuit with a miniature pentode-based circuit. Not possible with all condensers- ask Dave for more details.

ART Tube MP                                                                                            $100
Plus cost of tube, opamps, and resistors. Turns this inexpensive preamp into something even better! All electrolytic capacitors are replaced with higher quality parts (usually Nichicon), opamps are upgraded as necessary, headroom is increased in tube circuit (including tube change), and noise floor is lowered. We can mod the USB models as well. :)

Rack Gear                                                                                                  $60-200
Plus cost of components. Not all gear is mod-friendly- ask Dave for more details.

Mixers                                                                                                         $(ask for quote)
Mixer services include cleaning, general maintenance, power supply upgrades, capacitor replacement/ upgrades, opamp upgrades, addition of direct outputs, etc. Due to current space restrictions we are not able to work on anything larger than 3 feet wide (i.e. nothing like a Mackie 8 buss) Ask Dave for details.

We carry SED, JJ/ Tesla, Electro Harmonix, and Sovtek preamp and power tubes.





install new strings +                                                                                  $20 - $30

complete set-up for guitar, bass, banjo, or mandolin                           $70 +
- with full fret level + $60
- with partial fret level + $30   

complete set-up for vintage guitars, basses, etc,                                 $100 +
   (some older instruments simply require a more intense set-up)

complete set-up for 12 string or floyd rose vibrato                               $80 +

basic set-up for violin or viola                                                                 $50 +

make nut for guitar, bass, or banjo                                                         $60

make nut for 12 string or mandolin                                                         $80

make saddle for acoustic                                                                        $40 - $60

glue/seal crack                                                                                         $30 +

fix broken headstock                                                                                $80 +

'satinize' glossy necks (for a faster and smoother feel)                        $40

install acoustic pick-up                                                                             $60

install hardware, bolt-on neck, pickguard, tuners, etc                           $30 +
     - install small parts (string trees, strap buttons, etc)                         $15 min.

electronic work (install pickups, rewire, pots, etc)                                 $30 +
     - minor electronics (replace output jack, 1 pot, 1 p.u.,etc)               $15 min.

    * price will vary depending on specific instrument. more services and repairs are available. please ask for information.
    * these prices do not include parts.
    * labor fees are non-negotiable.


If you’ve got some crazy oddball idea for an amp, pedal, guitar, whatever... we’ll be happy to discuss it with you. With enough time, effort, and/or money, just about anything you can think of is possible…